Pacdude Games provides pre-made and custom software for meetings, trade shows, conferences, live events, parties, family reunions and more. Whether you’re looking to have a game night for your employees or power your conference booth, Pacdude Games has the capabilities and the know-how to create your perfect interactive experience.

I’ve got pre-made games that can be customized to fit your needs, and I currently have the capacity to craft custom software, from simple timers and buzzers to full complex presentation software. I can even recommend hardware compatible with whatever you’ll be using to set your game up with. Maybe you need trivia for your event? I’ve got a Rolodex of trivia writers who can craft appropriate trivia for any event, from family-friendly to raunchy and rowdy. Whatever you need, I can do everything I can to make it happen. Are you a big fan of the following game shows? Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, a game show where Families Feud with each other, The Chase, Blockbusters, Hollywood Squares, The Joker’s Wild, Deal or No Deal, Countdown If so, I’m willing to bet I have a software solution for you.

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{PDG} Software Request Form

Software Request Form

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