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Cory Anotado, founder of the must-read game-show industry website BuzzerBlog, says Sony’s actions have bordered on soul-crushing.

“I couldn’t begin to tell you what experience he has that would lead to the position he’s in,” Cory Anotado, founder of BuzzerBlog, a game show industry news website, said of St. John. “It feels very out of nowhere.”

Cory Anotado is a lifelong game show superfan. He grew up watching any and every game show with his grandmother in the city’s Olney neighborhood.
6ABC Action News, Philadelphia

The show has also replaced regional in-person follow-up rounds with virtual rounds, a change that Cory Anotado, a game-show journalist who will appear on the show as a contestant this week, views as an important factor.
The New York Times


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