Pundle is a brand-new word game from the minds at Pacdude Games. If you’ve ever played Wordle, Dordle, Lingo, Wheel of Fortune, Hangman or Definition, then you’ll definitely understand how to play. Guess the answer to today’s Pundle with as few hints as possible! Tap or type a letter and hit the Enter button to see if it’s in the puzzle. You can only get one vowel as a hint. As soon as you think you know what the solution is, hit the Solve Puzzle button. Enter a wrong letter while you’re solving, and it’s Game Over! The Pundle is a clever, punny answer to Today’s Clue. Can you solve it with no letters? Puzzles are written by Christian Carrion and the game was designed and is developed by Cory Anotado.
We appreciate your support! Feel free to mention us on social media with the hashtag #pundle. We also have merchandise available on TeePublic! Buy Pundle branded t-shirts, mugs, notebooks and more.

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All Pacdude Games are fan creations, unrelated to any production company involved with the games they mirror. You'd have to be a complete idiot to think these games were related in any way to Fremantle Media.

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