Everyone deserves to be less bored.

Next time you're thinking of something to do—either over Zoom or in person—suggest something a more dynamic. Bring a bit of Hollywood to your next group hang with Cory Anotado and Pacdude Games.

Event Hosting

Image: A group of people playing a game show on Zoom.

Have Pacdude Games help host your next social distanced game show night, either in Zoom or your favorite teleconference app or in person.

Game Show Software

Image: A woman playing 'Who Wants to be a Cloud Expert' at a trade show.

From small meetings to showcase stages, let Pacdude Games’ accurate simulations of popular television game shows drive your next meeting, trade show booth or training day.

Trade Show Games

Image: A software package showing several headshots of television show characters.

Give away prizes to customers or trade show visitors with our interactive prize games! Spin wheels, play quizzes, or draw raffle tickets with these unique eye-grabbers.

Custom Games

Image: The set of a game show entitled 'Sketch Canada', including big screens with scoreboards.

If you have an idea for some custom presentation software for your next training meeting, trade show event or team-building exercise, let Pacdude Games help you refine and present it with trademark polish.

Live Events

Image: Cory hosting a trivia event at a local small business in Baltimore.

Let Pacdude Games host your next event. Cory can write custom trivia, host our special trivia formats, and Cory’s even an ordained minister, so he’ll marry you and host trivia at the reception.

Website Design

Image: A mechanical keyboard, with HTML code blurred in the background.

If he doesn't do enough already, Cory is also an accomplished graphic and web designer. Let him revamp your company's website to make it modern, fun and mobile-friendly. SEO-friendly mobile-first website design will make your site stand out.

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