I’m Cory Anotado, and I’m a polymath.

That’s a more flattering way to say “jack of all trades.”

My career has been spent using my extensive skill-set to make the world a more interesting place. I’ve created live interactive game show experiences for Denny’s, MarketAmerica, City Electric Supply, Marvel Comics and GE. I’ve crafted advertisements for Sprint, Snyder’s of Hanover, L3 Communications, Pandora Jewelry and the Maryland Lottery. I’ve designed multi-platform guided presentations for Medifast. I’ve designed and developed websites for Johns Hopkins University and MGM. I created, write for and host a weekly pub quiz experience in Baltimore City. I run the world’s best game show blog, writing news articles and interviewing industry leaders like Emmy-award winning host Todd Newton, TV star Jeannie Mai, and Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. My writing has been featured by ABC and Sony Pictures. I’m looking to bring my multi-faceted skill-set to a company with the same passion and ideals as I do. If you’re thinking of hiring a multi-faceted game show nerd, you can’t do much better than Cory Anotado.

Work Experience

Web Designer

Compulse Integrated Marketing; Hunt Valley, MD, 2015 – Present

I’m a web designer for Compulse Integrated Marketing. We provide small businesses throughout the nation, large and small, the power to make their presence known in the digital realm. I design mockups of sites and bring them to life. I use Sketch and Photoshop to design flat comps, then use my knowledge of WordPress, CSS and PHP to build and deliver them, under budget, in scope and on time. I also handle e-mail marketing and other daily design duties. I champion accessible design so anyone, regardless of how they use the Internet, can use the sites we ship.

Interactive Production Developer/Designer

GKV Communications; Baltimore, MD, 2011 – 2015

I designed and implemented the creation of interactive web banners, social media assets, mobile banners, web landing pages and brand email blasts. I was also the point person on unique social media initiatives, such as video Instagram commercials, animated GIF e-mail headers and interactive online games for clients. I’ve also developed in-person interactive experiences for roadshow initiatives. I’ve written trivia questions for a pretzel company and animated banner ads for health care companies. I worked in GKV’s Interactive team to design and implement web-based marketing and communications initiatives for PANDORA Jewelry, Cape Cod Potato Chips, Lance Snacks, L3 Communications, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, About Faces Day Spa and Salon and the Maryland Lottery, among other companies.

Director of Operations and Founder

BuzzerBlog; Baltimore, MD, 2005 – Present

In 2005, I founded BuzzerBlog, the world’s premier game show news website. We’ve been featured in the Huffington Post, various television network press releases, and 74-game Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings’ first book Brainiac. We are the premier game show industry news source online, for fans and insiders alike. I was in charge of rebranding and redesigning the website for a new, feature-driven mission and identity, and also created a brand and style guide for our writers to follow for a cohesive, unified editorial experience. Day to day, I maintain our WordPress installation, moderate comments, analyze ad performance and traffic stats and design graphics for our features and social media presence.

On Air Personality/Graphic Designer

Y-Not Radio; Philadelphia, PA, 2010 – 2018

I was the Tuesday noon-4 PM personality on Y-Not Radio. Billed as Philadelphia’s Real Alternative, Y-Not Radio is on the cutting edge of online radio. My duties at the station included maintaining Y-Not’s presence on AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook and Twitter; on-air duties included playlist operation, screening calls and texts and operating the board. My duties also included promotions at concerts and events. I currently design graphics for the Y-Not Radio website and for various promotions.

Retail Specialist/Workshop Champion

Apple, Inc.; King of Prussia, PA, 2009 – 2011

I’ve been trained to think different. As a Retail Specialist at the King of Prussia Apple Store, I was able to leverage my knowledge of technology into helping other people find solutions to their technological problems. I have an intimate knowledge of the Apple product and services line and am proficient in the usage of the consumer level Apple products. I have also taught Personal Training sessions and group workshops at the store, to assist customers with using their new computers. I’ve used my position as a Mentor in the store to train my peers in increasing their product knowledge, crafting in-house workshops, printed materials and more to enhance their learning experiences.

Lead Designer

AddictingGames.com; San Francisco, CA, 2008 – 2010

I have designed and programmed three games for release online: Meal or No Meal, a parody of the NBC game show Deal or No Deal, with enhanced gameplay; Jersey Organ Ring, a re-skinning of Meal or No Meal; and It’s a Done Deal, a game in the style of the classic Monty Hall game show, Let’s Make a Deal. The three games have gained over 13,000,000 hits. Creating the games involved developing game ideas and concepts, coding in Adobe Flash, designing graphics in Adobe Photoshop, editing sound in Amadeus Pro, and checking cross-compatibility issues between PCs and Macs.


La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 2010; B.A. Digital Art – Major GPA: 3.4. Essential classes I’ve taken included Web Development, Creating Multimedia, Advanced Authoring, Advanced Animation, Typography for Print and Web, History and Theory of Digital Art, Using Flash ActionScript for Game Design and Digital Storytelling Design.

Skill Sets

Currently, I work every day in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash CS 6 and Adobe Illustrator. I am proficient in ActionScript 2 and HTML/CSS, the installation and maintenance of WordPress sites, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Premiere CC. I have familiarity with ActionScript 3, Javascript, jQuery and PHP, HTML5 animation and CSS3 coding. I have experience with Microsoft Office, Final Cut, and can work in either a Mac or PC environment (although I prefer a Mac one).

I am registered in the City of Baltimore as a Notary Public, and an am ordained minister from the Universal Life Church.

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